شعبہ جات

Central Advisory Council (Markazi Majlis-e-Mushawarat)

It is the Central Planning & Policy making body. Top Central and Provincial leadership along with selected seniors, are members of this body.

Rehbar Council

This is a supreme body. Ex-Presidents, ex-Secretaries General, important ex-members, present President and Secretary General of ATI, are members of the Council. It functions to resolve the disputed matters and sensitive issues which are referred by Central Advisory Council.

Central Cabinet

It runs affairs and activities of ATI to achieve organizational goals and targets, as set by Central Advisory Council.

Markazi Test Board

It selects the Course and reading material (Nisab-e-Anjuman) for ATI’s present members of each level, arranges Test for Karkun, Ameen and Rukun level and arranges Training sessions for seniors and juniors.


It publishes magazine, literature, booklets and other printing material for the organization.

Media & Information Division

The job of this division is to co-ordinate with the Media. It informs them about the organizational activities and keeps track of media coverage.

I.T. Division

Its main function is to maintain and secure computerized record at each level. Website upgrade, contact details, literature, stickers & other related matters are included in their prime achievements.

Students Welfare Division

It helps poor and deserving students regarding their course books, fees, uniform etc. For this purpose they play mediator role, by collecting old Course Books and donations from various sources. Despite of limited resources, it also arranges Scholarships for poor students and organizes different programs for Students Welfare

Global Affairs Division

This division makes contacts with the Students & other organizations having the similar thoughts across the globe.

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